Strategic Diversity

As a fully woman-owned and minority-owned organization, ISC Solutions strategically collaborates with national suppliers to support your product requirements.

We base our partnerships on key principles that benefit both our suppliers and customers:

1. Shared Values and Goals: ISC views our partnership as a mutual win-win scenario. We prioritize shared diversity, equity, and inclusion values to achieve this.
2. Mutual Benefit: Our partnerships are designed to generate advantages for all parties involved. We go beyond superficial diversity commitments and focus on how we can genuinely enhance your mission and operations, delivering excellent results.
3. Strategic Planning: We meticulously plan strategies to support and advance your diversity and inclusion goals. This planning may encompass setting targets, identifying key performance indicators, and outlining action plans.
4. Resource Sharing: Our supplier partners often engage in resource sharing, which involves pooling expertise and leveraging each other’s strengths to more effectively achieve DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) objectives.
5. Programs and Initiatives: Collaborative efforts with our suppliers frequently result in joint programs that offer the best of both worlds—the agility of a small, diverse organization coupled with comprehensive operational support on a larger scale.
6. Continuous Improvement: We uphold our suppliers’ accountability for the progress of diversity and inclusion programs. Regular reviews with suppliers and customers are conducted to drive continuous improvement.

Please refer to our list of diverse certifications below: