About ISC

Company History

ISC buildingIntegrated Supply Chain Solutions, LLC, (d/b/a ISC Solutions), founded in February 2008, is a small conglomerate of business divisions which include Office Products, Print Management Services and Courier/ Transportation.      

ISC's new strategy was solely focused on the premise that the integration of various supply chain functions was the key to cost reduction and operational improvements.   

Shortly after the launch of ISC Solutions, a campaign was initiated to document the work completed by the various functions in each business unit. Seventy eight process maps were completed, identifying areas of improvements and used for training new employees. This campaign further pointed out the need to engage in a simplified and structured approach to operational management which was based on the principles of LEAN.

Earlier in 2009, ISC received a training grant which was used to provide LEAN training to employees at all levels in the company. This training culminated in the redesign of the replenishment process in the Henry Ford Hospital Emergency Room, a 48,000 sq. ft. facility with 78 beds, and 107 stocking locations that treats 94,500 patients annually. The efforts resulted in expense reductions, an integrated supply replenishment team, and an increase in nursing and patient satisfaction.

Office products was added as a service line in 2009 and was a good fit when combined with print management services which included desktop delivery. Office Depot was selected as a strategic partner, as a result of their well defined MBE Tier Program and the fact that  their delivery system was outsourced to a third party. The outsourcing of the delivery system was important because it provided an outsourcing opportunity for ISC Solutions. Two office products customers were acquired in 2009, La Z Boy (shipping to locations in 16 states) and Cambridge Casualty, a local company.

The Courier/Transportation business unit continued to streamline their operation through the use of the routing software and took on additional routes at Henry Ford Health System with a combination of new employees and redirecting existing employees. During the year the ground work was laid to move into lab courier and home health deliveries.

Activity in the Office Products business started to increase as we solidified our MBE relationship with Office Depot in August 2010. Later in the year we were awarded a contract by Beaumont Hospitals, this was ISC’s first significant Office Products deal. In December that same year we submitted an office products proposal to Henry Ford Health System in response to their RFP. The strategy implemented in 2010 was to focus on the office products and pull print management services along once an opportunity was identified with a prospective customer.

Deliveries for the Henry Ford Health System Home Health division began in February 2010 with deliveries of patient specific products to clinics within 2 hours of the order. Research into lab courier revealed the need for integrated software to track specimens and the prospective customer focus changed from hospitals to independent reference labs.

ISC Solutions actively participates in a number of community activities with its primary philanthropic efforts focused towards seniors, youth and education and local communities.

Vision Statement

To create a collaborative environment that provides quality products and value added services to our customers, while developing our workforce to take advantage of opportunities to grow and fostering teamwork.

Mission Statement

To provide supply chain integration and commodity management solutions, tailored to individual customers that assists them in meeting their financial and operational improvement goals.