Warehousing / Transportation

Getting You What You Need When You Need It

ISC Solutions (ISC) has a Southeastern Michigan-based Desktop Delivery Service capable of both routine deliveries and handling packages that must meet exacting customer requirements. Through our alliances and strategic business partners, ISC provides same or next-day desktop pick-up and deliveries.

We specialize in managing high standards of delivery and/or pick-up of various unique products including lab specimens, office products, mail, forms, reports, laundry, linen, office furniture, supplies, etc.


Our routing system manages deliveries throughout Southeast Michigan and is particularly suited for distribution of medical supplies, lab specimens, office supplies and more, to multiple locations or to meet Just-in-Time requirements.


We provide storage options for our clients through our local warehouses for ease of convenience. All shipping through ISC Solutions can be integrated with ISC’s warehousing and/or distribution services if the business model warrants.

Bulk Deliveries on 24 ft. Straight Truck w/Lift-gate also available.

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