Integrated Supply Chain Solutions (ISC Solutions) is proud to announce we have enhanced our lab courier business with new emerging state-of-the-art GPS/electronic transfer technology. “We are proud that our lab courier business offers leading edge technology, which further enhances our overall customer satisfaction experience,” said Brad Rhoades, Executive Vice President, Integrated Supply Chain Solutions.

In mid-December, ISC Solutions (ISC) enhanced its lab courier program with a new GPS/electronic transfer solution. Now, ISC courier drivers can electronically document pick-ups and deliveries. They record the start and stop time of the transaction, the location, package count, barcode scanned and capture customer electronic signature. “This information is stored on our secured database,” Rhoades continued.

In addition to electronically transferring data, the system provides enhanced GPS capabilities per route. These new enhancements allow ISC to track their drivers in pre-determined intervals. The program also communicates time alerts to management when drivers are not maintaining approved time schedules. These alerts are conveyed via emails and/or text messages. “We are capable of providing customers with summary reports per each route, but our electronic signature and barcode scanning features offer a world class standard with an additional level of chain of custody for our lab courier business,” Rhoades concluded.